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Being very skeptical of movie remakes, as its my opinion that they never fully capture the true essence of the original film, that’s the mindset I was in when I watched the 2015 version of Poltergeist. Although it lacks the uniqueness of the 1982 Steven Spielberg original Poltergeist, the remake, has a personality all it’s own.

Directed by Gil Kenan (Monster House) and produced by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert (Evil Dead) Poltergeist gets a jolt into the 21st century incorporating many of the technological luxuries that we enjoy today and one of the first noticeable differences with this version is that the action begins almost immediately. No extended build up, no overly drawn out character development or in-depth back story.

Recently laid off husband and father Eric Bowen (Sam Rockwell) moves his family to a less desirable new home to accommodate his current financial situation. Wife Amy Bowen (Rosemarie DeWitt) is a author that’s frustrated with her writers block. Kendra Bowen (Saxon Sharbino) is the typical mouthy teenager, Griffen Bowen (Kyle Catlett) is the wimpy middle child and Madison ‘Maddie’ Bowen (Kennedi Clements) is the adorable, doe-eyed and curious five year old.  On the first night that the family moves in things start to go bump in the night and Maddie is talking to voices inside the television.

If you saw the 1982 version of Poltergeist you certainly know the story mechanism as Gil Kenan did not steer off the track from the original version, however, he does make a few changes to give the movie its own likable spin. Basically the story line is the same while the updates are a plus. As to not give away too many spoilers on a story that you already know I will say, from a remake skeptic, give this new version a try. Although the movie is not scary in the least there are some genuine laughs, a couple of jump moments and it’s very entertaining.

Once you watch it let me know what you think. I give it 3 1/2 SNAPS!


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