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Young Jack is a bubbly, loveable and curious 5 year old content in his world in ROOM. Having spent his entire brief existence inside this tiny space with his mother with a daily routine that he knows like the back of his hand, Jack (Jacob Trembley) is oblivious to the huge world outside and the true danger that lurks inside the room.

Based on the best selling novel by Emma Donoghue, Room, is a chilling tale of a young woman abducted by a man and held in captivity for seven years. During this time she has a child by her captor. Told from the perspective of this young boy we watch the story unfold and learn of the real danger that exist for Jack and his Ma (Brie Larson) inside Room.

Jack and Ma ‘live’ as much as they can in their cramped environment by eating, exercising daydreaming and sharing laughter. To Jack his world is perfect. Only when Old Nick (Sean Bridgers) comes for his periodic visits does Jack get a small glimpse of the lurking danger.


When Ma pressures Old Nick to get vitamins for Jack, but he refuses, she realizes that their time in Room may come to a drastic end and she beings to prepare Jack for their escape. This is where Jack’s world begins to turn upside down. Having no knowledge of the outside world, Jack manages to follow Ma’s instructions and which lead the two to safety.

Outside of Room Jack begins to have new unfamiliar experiences as his mother, Ma, copes with the side effects from years of captivity.

This movie is beyond moving. It’s painful and yet liberating. The performance of Jacob Trembley is of an innocent brilliance. Its worth the heartache that one will feel for the Jacob and Ma.

I give this film 5 Snaps!

Gin Blanton
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Gin Blanton

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