War Room

Updated: August 27, 2015
War Room

During  the T.D. Jakes annual event, MegaFest, I had the opportunity to screen several movies but the one that stood out to me the most was War Room. Produced by the Kendrick Brothers (Flywheel, Facing The Giants) this Faith based movie will speak and touch both Christians and non-Christians alike. Having reviewed several Faith based movies I often find them very “preachy” and totally missing the mark of what they are meant to do; which is educate, inform and lead people to Christ. However, War Room hit that target dead on!

Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) and Tony Jordan (T.C. Stallings) have the seemingly perfect life. Elizabeth is a real-estate agent and Tony is a successful pharmaceuticals sales rep. Their daughter Danielle (Alena Pitts) is a vibrant and happy child. But that’s just what people see on the outside, inside their home there is much turmoil. A wife and daughter who have both been emotionally abandoned by a husband and father and a husband who has some skeletons that he is hiding.

The kind and charming Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie) puts her house up for sale and Elizabeth is her real estate agent. Sensing that Elizabeth is dealing with issues in her personal life, Miss Clara becomes her ‘advisor’. Miss Clara shows Elizabeth a special room that she uses to fight life’s battles, the War Room. Miss Clara begins to teach Elizabeth how the power of prayer can change any circumstance. After some reluctance and several chain of events unfolding, Elizabeth decides to create her own War Room and changes start to take place in her life.

This movie is powerful, touching, informative and inspirational. I laughed. I cried. I was touched. The Kendrick Brothers have masterfully created a movie that delivers a much needed message through real life circumstances and with actors that are believable and extremely talented.  I need Miss Clara in my life!

I give this movie 5 Snaps and a fist pump!



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